Power of We

“Power of We” Process:


The goal of the Power of We is to engage members in conversation and have each current member complete a membership renewal form by December 31, 2017. 

Materials for the Power of We have already been distributed to field offices. Field staff are to meet with or communicate with local leaders/membership contacts to explain the process, deliver/send them blank or pre-populated membership renewal forms, and email local toolkits to them prior to back-to-school.

Obtaining membership renewal forms:


  • We have a separate, blank three-part membership renewal form, which includes a section for members to commit to engage in their union. The top page goes to the field office, a copy goes to the member, and the other copy goes to the local leader.
  • If the local requests them, pre-populated forms are sent to field offices. Locals should allow at least two weeks to process and ship the forms. Prepopulated forms include two extra copies stapled into packets. The member only need to complete the top page. The others are copied for member and the local leader/membership contact.
  • An online option is available on the home page of www.educationminnesota.org.


Completing the membership renewal forms:


  • Building leaders talk with each member in their buildings to verify information on the membership renewal form and obtain the member’s signature and commitment. After signing the membership renewal form, each member receives an Education Minnesota window cling as a thank you.
  • Building leaders send completed forms to the local leader/membership contact.  The local leader/membership contact sends packets of completed forms to the field office.


Processing online membership renewal forms:


  • After being accepted, the application will go to a dedicated Outlook mailbox. Membership department staff will check the mailbox daily.
  • For new member applications, the membership department staff will send applications to the local membership contact to fill in dues amounts and email the forms back to the membership department.
  • For membership renewal forms, membership department staff will send completed forms to the OPS in the appropriate field office, who will enter the information into NEA360.  Membership department staff will email a copy to the local membership contact, also.





Entering data into NEA360:


  • For both hard-copy and online forms, field OPS indicate in NEA360 that the form has been received, update demographic information, and enter information about their commitment to engage in the union. Then, completed forms are sent to the Education Minnesota membership department.
  • Periodically, field OPS will print and send lists of who has/has not completed a membership renewal form (hard copy or electronic) to leaders/membership contacts.


Most non-field OPS are divided into teams to support the data entry work. Support teams are assigned to three field offices. If/when a field OPS needs assistance with data entry, she/he can contact the staff assigned to their field office and request assistance.


Here is the list of field offices and the support team members:



Team Members


Ashley Behrens

Matt Blewett

Maureen Fourre




Mary Clare Brengman

Sarah Burt

Sam Jasenosky

Coon Rapids

Southwest Metro


Lisa Enwright Bruzek

Shirliana Glassberg

Maria Johnson

Apple Valley

Brooklyn Park

St Cloud

Megan McKeen

Elizabeth Pettersen

Deb Skog




Ilissa Morrow

Shirley Roeber

Sarah Turner

New Brighton





Note: Members who do not complete a membership renewal form remain members. Their membership continues unless they drop their membership during the drop window. They remain subject to the terms of the original membership application and the drop window contained therein. After the initial Power of We drive concludes at the end of December, we will know who has not completed a form. That will give us a list of with whom we need to have more conversation.